Hello and welcome to Jenny Eat World!

After living nearly my whole life with varying health issues I went on a search on finding the “WHY” this was happening.  For so many years I lived believing that these things were normal.  Each one creeped in little by little and I always managed to justify them.

A little reflux….oh, I must have eaten something that bothered me. Low thyroid…well it runs in the family. Aching neck and shoulders….I slept wrong (again).  Anxiety…I’m must just be a high strung person and not handle stress well.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of symptoms.  They all snuck in little by little over the years, one by one.

So it began.  A mere six weeks after my daughter was born I got out of bed one morning.  I stepped onto the ground and experienced the worse pain of my life while simply trying to walk (yes worse than child birth which was still very fresh in my mind).  Anything more than a shuffling of my feet across the floor hurt so bad I cried.  Even then I tried to rationalize my pain.  “I’m postpartum, it’s hormones, it’s because I didn’t sleep well…”.  See, by this point I had become the master of lying to myself.  Even with this I carried on with life clueless, just as you may be right now, for almost two years.   I pushed through the pain, the sleepless nights and the gut wrenching depression.  I just thought that this was the card I was dealt and I needed to push on.

Then the dam broke.  In October of 2016 after barely being able to walk or pick up my little girl I decided this was enough.  She deserved better. It was time to find out what was going on and why.  After many doctor visits and being disappointed I was fortunate to find a doctor who listened.  She wanted to find the reason too.  Not simply hand me a prescription for a pill to “fix” what was the symptom.

Several months and many tests later I was given an “answer” to my problem by a local rheumatologist.  I had fibromyalgia.  I was told that not a lot was known about it and it was recommended that I seek counseling, a sleep study and to take a well known pain killer to manage the symptoms.  Now, at the time, my mother had been working for a pharmaceutical company for many years so I was well informed to how the so called “clinical trials worked.  (Spoiler alert, most are skewed to achieve the results they desire). I addition, I have had many friends who have taken them which have all been lead down what I call the pill path (take this one for your headache but that gives you stomach pain so take this one for that and so on).

I was NOT taking those medications. Not now, not ever. And furthermore, I knew in my gut this was not psychological. Period.

Now, I’m naturally stubborn and inquisitive which has finally worked in my favor. I was determined I would figure this out myself.  I was no longer going to put a bandaid on my life.  No more muddling through.  I would determine WHY this has happened.  Surely there had to be an answer out there somewhere.

Today, I’m here to tell you that living with pain, anxiety/depression, autoimmune diseases, or any other chronic disease is NOT normal.  I’m also going to tell you that you CAN TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK!!!  I did and you can too.  It’s not easy but as the saying goes, nothing in life worth having is.

After months of pain free living I decided to start this blog in hopes of sharing the information I have found and to help people across the globe heal their chronic illnesses through the right food choices.  The information I stumbled upon that one fateful day has changed my life, and my family’s life, forever.

I hope you will join my journey and gain the knowledge you need to take your life back into your hands and to heal your body through food. Cheers to a new and better life!


**Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor or medical provider.  I am simply sharing information that I have learned in an effort to help heal.  Please consult your doctor or medical provider prior to implementing any new diet or supplement.**